Humanity and Horticulture Conference

Can horticulturists save the Planet?

I think that people who grow plants can be part of healing Planet Earth because many of the problems we see emerging such as soil degradation, urban heat island effect and urban liveability, nutrient-poor food and climate change can all be positively affected by the business of growing plants. 

I sense that I have become an activist in this area as a result of becoming a grandfather and taking a long look at where the world is heading.  I have developed a number of missions – things that need to be done to ensure the world my children’s children inherit will allow them to live the fortunate life that I have enjoyed.

One avenue of expressing and getting discussions happening around these missions has arisen in Perth Western Australia this September 21, as I am conference convener for the Australian Institute of Horticulture National Conference and Awards Night. 

Here is the information about the conference, awards night 21st September and technical tour for Sunday 22nd September.  Please have a look below and if you feel so inclined sign up for the show.

Many thanks Neville Passmore